Chula Vista YC to Host Race Your Home

Byline: Ambrosia Brody

Chula Vista YC to Host Race Your Home

CHULA VISTA — Liveaboards can prove their floating homes are more than residences, when they untie their lines and compete in the 14th annual Glen Burnes Memorial Race Your Home event, Aug. 31.

You don’t have to be a liveaboard — or a member of Chula Vista Yacht Club — to compete. Competitors can simply sign up to enter the race, hosted by Chula Vista YC, and join in the fun — which involves more than just racing.

Sailors are encouraged to decorate their vessels, deck themselves in costumes and turn on the charm for the unconventional race. Handicaps are tossed overboard, as racers must rely on their charisma to sway the racing committee toward throwing points their way.

Almost anything can be used to “bribe” the judges in this race. Some prefer sweets and libations, while others simply need a little wink or promise of a meal to throw handicaps out. Handicaps also include the weight of items on board.

There are two race classes: one for actual liveaboards, and the 502 class, which qualifies those who have stayed on the boat overnight at least five times during the preceding year to participate in the race category, explained Mark Clements, who is heading this year’s race committee.

Founded by Glen Burnes and Dick Wolds, the sailboat race allows all racers to enjoy the competition, no matter their skill level or boat quality.

The 11-nautical-mile course sends racers from the yacht club north through the San Diego Bay and home again. The party continues back at the docks during an After Race Party. Oh, and don’t forget your toga for the after-party party.

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