Coronado Cays YC to host Noon Day Cannon trophy

Coronado Cays YC to host Noon Day Cannon trophy

SAN DIEGO — Garry Adalian presents Coronado Cays Yacht Club Commodore Dave Fleck with the coveted Noon Day Cannon trophy for safe keeping at Coronado Cays YC where it will stay for a year until the next race held in Ventura.

The 2014 race that was held Sept. 10 to Sept. 13, was sponsored by the San Diego Cruiser Association and hosted by San Diego Yacht Club.

The four-day event is held once a year at different venues where predicted navigation contests are held. The contestants are the first place winners in their division from the previous year. Since contestants from St. Petersburg, Seattle, or Chicago can’t bring their boats to places like San Diego, there is a pool of boats compiled from local racers. The boats are chosen in a blind drawing to make it a level playing field.

Adalian got lucky and drew his first choice, a Grand Banks 36 Europa owned by David Weimer of Coronado YC. The boat is a very stable platform in which to run the precise 33-nautical-mile contest and has a history of being a winning boat. The race was held in the morning, starting at the bay entrance, continuing out to the ocean, then back into the bay, down to Coronado Cays entrance, and back up to Harbor Island, and finishing at Shelter Island at 2 p.m.

Adalian had an unusually low score of a .64 percent overall error to win the Noon Day Cannon and will be the defending champion next year in Ventura.


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