Early Invitations are Open for 54th Governor’s Cup

CORONA DEL MAR一 Balboa Yacht Club has issued early invitations for the 54th Governor’s Cup International Youth Match Racing Championship which is to be held July 26 to 31.

“The Governor’s Cup was the first age-limited youth regatta to be granted “Grade 1” status by World Sailing for the 2018 Cup,” said a Feb. 24 article from Sail-World.

Defending champion Nick Egnot-Johnson and his teammate Jordan Stevenson of New Zealand were automatically issued an invitation for the event and have accepted.

Those that are interested in racing must fill out a “request for invitation” form on the Governor’s Cup website by April 9. The committee can issue up to 16 teams and will issue invitations by April 23.

In order to be eligible for the event, racers must be under the age of 23 as of July 31, unless skippers were issued an invitation for the canceled 2020 race.

Skippers who are were issued an invitation in 2020 and are now over the age limit may request an invitation but there is no guarantee that they will receive one for the 2021 race.

In order to be accepted, competitors have to be members of their Member National Authority or an affiliated organization, and they have to obtain a World Sailing ID. The ID can be found online at www.sailing.org, after registering skippers need to inform Balboa Yacht Club.

Balboa Yacht Club is working with “fleet surgeon” Dr. Rob Bray to implement a series of COVID-19 restrictions to ensure the health and safety of competitors.

There will be periodical updates over the next few months as things change and new health restrictions are put in place.

If competitors are accepted their entry packets are due on June 15 with a non-refundable entry fee of $1,000 USD.

The race will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing, the OA will provide rules for the handling of boats, the Governor’s Cup Selection criteria and the Governor’s Cup Deed of Gift will also apply.

Balboa Yacht Club will provide the boats and sails for the race. Boats and Spinnakers will be chosen by a draw, spinnakers stay with the team for all races while boats will be drawn daily.

There will be five stages of the event; A double round robin of all teams; A semi‐final knockout of the top four teams from stage one; A final knockout of the top two teams from stage two; A petit final knockout of the other two teams from stage two; A consolation round for the teams finishing five through twelve from stage one.

Awards will be given on July 31, with the winning team receiving the Governor’s Cup.

To learn more, see govcupracing.com.


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