Etchells Mid-Winters West Regatta

SAN DIEGO一 The San Diego Yacht Club in conjunction with the Etchells Fleet 13 – San Diego will host the Mid-Winters West Regatta as a part of the 2021 Etchells West Coast Spring Series.

The regatta will run from April 9 to 11, it is a sanctioned event for Class C with nine races scheduled. The race will be governed by the “Racing Rules of Sailing,” other prescriptions of US Sailing will apply rules 40, 60.3, 61.4, 67, 76.1, and Appendix R.

The races are open to active skippers of the international Etchells Class and all crews are required to be active or associate members of the International Etchells Class Association for the sanctioned events.

Registration check-in for the regatta starts at 4 p.m. on April 8 and the first warning will be at 11:25 a.m. At registration, competitors will present a valid Sail Measurement Card, Hull Card, and insurance or they can email the documents to

Boats can have no more than one mainsail, two spinnakers, and two jibs, all have to be previously measured.

There is a weigh-in process, for three to four people in light clothing it should be at or under 628.32 pounds.

The regatta will use the Low Point scoring system, the top three overall boats and the top three Corinthian boats will receive awards.

Entries need to be in by 6 p.m. on the Wednesday before the race, the entry fee is $120. To register and get more information, competitors can visit the San Diego Yacht Club website at


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