International Olympic Committee Green Lights Kiteboarding for 2024 Olympics

World Sailing took a vote at the mid-year meeting for events to replace the Mixed Offshore event in the Paris 2024 Olympics, with Men’s and Women’s Kiteboarding as the top choice.

LAUSANNE, Switzerland一 On June 10 the International Olympic Committee Executive Board approved Men’s and Women’s Kiteboarding (Formula Kite) to replace Mixed Kiteboarding and the Mixed Offshore Event in the Paris 2024 Olympic Sailing Competition.

In December 2020, the IOC informed World Sailing that there would be a review into the Mixed Offshore event revolving around the Field of Play security, scope, complexity, broadcast cost, complexity of the event, and the fact World Sailing would not have the opportunity to deliver an Offshore World Championship.

In April, the IOC requested World Sailing put forward alternative event proposals for the 10th medal at the Olympic games.

World Sailing took a vote at their mid-year meeting in May and the final decision was to propose Men’s and Women’s Kiteboarding as the first alternative and the Men’s and Women’s Two-Person Dinghy (470) as the second alternative event.

The World Sailing council received 23 proposals and narrowed it down to 15 before settling on the top two proposals.

“The IOC provided us with clear guidance and their decision-making is consistent with other sports and events,” said David Graham, chief executive officer for World Sailing, in a June 10 press release. “The World Sailing community acted at pace to propose alternative events and we are delighted the IOC have followed our guidance and selected our first alternative proposal of Men’s and Women’s Kiteboarding.”

The Olympic sailing events will be held in the newly designed Roucas Blanc Marina in Marseille, France.

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