Kids sail from Point Loma to Coronado in iconic San Diego regatta

SAN DIEGO — More than 150 San Diego sailors took over the bay on July 17 during the 46th annual Dutch Shoe Marathon – an iconic San Diego race giving kids their first taste of distance sailing.

The young sailors sailed from Point Loma and made their way across the bay to Coronado. For three hours a swarm of small white sails could be seen throughout the bay as the sailors made their way from one point to the next, with a focus on placing in their respective classes.

San Diego Yacht Club’s Kelly Holthus was the overall winner in the 2015 event. There are four race fleets: A, B, C and Senior. 

Sailors ages 7 to 77 competed in the historic event. Racers enjoyed pizza and refreshments at Coronado YC after the race.

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