Low Tide Yacht Club Hosts Pancake Breakfast for Human Options

LONG BEACH一 Low Tide Yacht Club will host their second annual Pancake Breakfast on Dec. 11 at 10 a.m. to benefit their Adopt-a-Family campaign through Human Options.

Low Tide began working with Human Options, an Irvine-based non-profit focused on assisting families in need only last year.

During the holiday season, Human Options will assign in-need families to groups or organizations looking to give back. The families submit a list of clothing and shoe sizes, favorite colors, potential gift ideas for the kids, and a list of basic needs. The lists are given out to those looking to give back, and the organization will then give the gifts to those families.

Brandy Hyham, a co-founder of Low Tide Yacht Club, had worked with Human Options previously through the Marriot. When the hotel stopped participating in the fundraiser during COVID-19, Hyham took the idea to the yacht club.

“We took it upon ourselves, starting last year, to take it to the yacht club and say hey, we were looking for a second kind of donation group to do a fundraiser for because we want to do two a year,” said Hyham. “They all agreed that this would be the perfect thing to do for us because we are all parents and grandparents, and you know [you] want to give back to the community.”

As part of the campaign, the club runs a pancake breakfast where people can come over to Dock 18 in Alamitos Bay and get some pancakes and mimosas while they drop off gifts or just donate money in a collection jar.

“Brandy and I try to set it up as a social event, come on over socialize, have some pancakes, wish everyone a Merry Christmas, but the whole goal is to collect money,” said Steve Hyhamn, a co-founder of Low Tide Yacht Club. “How much money can we get to support the families and bring everybody together… It is open to anybody who wants to contribute. It is basically a thank you.”

Last year the club raised $800 for a family in need. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, they were unable to buy actual gifts, and they were limited to gift cards; this year they, have taken on three families and are looking to make it the best Christmas they can.

“We decided to take on three families this year because everybody was so generous last year and loved to do it,” said Brandy. “…We try to go above and beyond what they put down and really try to give them good gifts and make their kids be able to have a good Christmas. I am sure it is very difficult when you run into those tough situations to ask for help, so it’s really a great program to be able to provide for the community.”

Low Tide has three ways that people can donate, online at their GoFundMe page, in person with cash, or actual gifts from a list that will be posted on the Low Tide Yacht Club website.

“If there is someone who wants to give us a donation, we will find a way somehow,” said Brandy.

If you are unable to make the pancake breakfast, you can pop in for the Christmas Dingy Float through Belmont Shores at 6:30 p.m. on the same night. Dinghies will meet on Dock 17 behind Mark Rowen, a co-founder of Low Tide Yacht Club’s boat.

Low Tide Yacht Club will accept donations for their adopt-a-family campaign until Dec. 14. For more information about the campaign, to RSVP or the pancake breakfast, or learn more about the dinghy float, visit

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