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New Scoring Penalty in Use from Racing Rules of Sailing

INTERNATIONAL一 In the Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-24 a new scoring category was introduced and can be applied by the race committee without a hearing for boats that do not sail the course, by adding ‘did not sail the course’ into the list of categories to be scored by the race committee. The change was made in accordance with Proposal 4 of Submission 139-18 which was considered at the 2018 World Sailing Annual Conference. According to Scuttlebutt, there are four parts, part one inserts a definition of ‘sail the course’ based on the string part of rule 28.2.; part two delete the ‘string part’ of rule 28.2, and base rule 28.1 on the newly defined term ‘sail the course; part three insert a requirement that a boat must ‘sail the course’ into the definition of finish; part four amend rules A4.2 and A5 (new rules A5.1 and A5.2) to include a requirement to score a boat that did not sail the course NSC without a hearing.

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