Newport To Ensenada Race updated for 2018

NOSA’s recent acquisitions of Border Run Race and Border Run Sprint should enhance popular O.C.-to-Mexico competition.

NEWPORT BEACH — “Choice” is the theme of this year’s Newport To Ensenada International Yacht Race, as participating sailors can chose from one of three competitions to enter in the Orange County-to-Mexico competition.

The Newport To Ensenada Race kicks off on April 27, this year. Two other races will start on the same day: Border Run Race and Border Run Sprint.

Sailors can decide which one of the three races to participate in, with the Border Run Race ending in San Diego and Border Run Sprint finishing in Dana Point.

All three races begin in Newport Beach; the Newport To Ensenada Race runs from April 27-29, while Border Run to San Diego takes place April 27 and 28.

The Newport Ocean Sailing Association, or NOSA, purchased both Border Run events in 2017 and decided to run all three races – Newport To Ensenada, Border Run Race and Border Run Sprint – at the same time.

NOSA itself was formed in 1947 and launched its first race – the Governor’s Cup – shortly thereafter. Sailors arrived at Newport Harbor Yacht Club on April 23, 1948 to participate in the Governor’s Cup, which would navigate from Newport Beach to Ensenada.

There were 117 boats in this first-ever race, with the registration fee set at $22.50. Only 65 boats completed the 125-nautical-mile contest, according to NOSA.

The Governor’s Cup was renamed Newport To Ensenada International Yacht Race, or N2E, in 1949.

Those competing in the Border Run Sprint to Dana Point will start and finish on April 27.

Newport To Ensenada competitors are expected to arrive at Hotel Coral and Marina by late afternoon on April 28. A trophy presentation will take place at Hotel Coral and Marina, April 29 at 2 p.m.

A bus will transport some people from Ensenada back to the United States; the bus ride os $50 per person and leaves at 5 p.m. on April 29 from Hotel Coral and Marina.

NOSA will host a “Saturday Night Fiesta” event at Hotel Coral and Marina, 6 p.m. to midnight on April 28.

Contact NOSA at or 949-644-1023 for more information.

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