NOSA acquires Border Run Race

By combining two high-profile boat races, proprietors are hopeful participation will increase.

NEWPORT BEACH — The Newport Ocean Sailing Association has acquired The Border Run Race just in time for the 71st annual race, allowing the organization to combine it with its popular Newport-to-Ensenada (N2E) event. Primary N2E course to Ensenada and the Border Run course to San Diego remain unchanged. However, a new third course will be offered to attract high school and collegiate participants and will run to Dana Point.
NOSA Commodore Daniel Hodge and Border Run proprietor Randy Reynolds were behind this merge. Friends for years, they identified boat races were suffering from low participation and decided to do something about it.

“With the two races joining forces we have a better chance of bringing back the glory days of 400+ boats racing down the coast to the border,” Reynolds said in a released statement.
In recent years, for multiple reasons, the glory days of boating races such as the Border Run Race has declined. Whether it be because those who would have been involved are busier and do not have as much money, at one time it was easily expected to witness 500 or more boats take off at the starting line. Such numbers are not as common these days, but Reynolds and Hodge are hopeful that their attempts to expand participation will work.
“Randy and I are passionate sailors first,” said Hodge in a released statement. “We were able to complete the acquisition because as sailors, we have a shared aspiration of creating energy that motivates others to get out on the water.”
Randy Reynolds acknowledged that boating has changed over the years, but hinted that one of the ways to make it more accessible and to encourage racers is to set race courses for all skill levels.
“It’s really for the good of the sport; it’s all about how to get boats out on the water, to make it the biggest event on the West Coast – like it used to be,” Reynolds said. “Boating has changed a lot in the last 10 years, people are busier than ever. Some people will always want to go to Ensenada while others prefer the simplicity to stay in U.S. waters.”
With the addition of a third race course, this serves to include more boaters, from the lifetime boaters who have been on the waters since childhood to those who are still new to the boating world.
“The coming together of participants, all starting on the same day, provides an exceptional opportunity for racers to be a part of something big, not only being a part of the race’s history, but to experience the unparalleled excitement of starting a race with 500 other boats,” Hodge said.
The N2E race notably races distances of more than 125 miles; races have been running each year since 1948. Friday, Apr. 27, 2018 is the first day of the race with multiple sendoff events and parties in the days preceding the event. A trophy presentation party ensues at Hotel Coral in Ensenada two days later.

For more information about entering the race and other queries, visit the websites and, call 949-644-1023 or email

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