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Christmas Regatta an ASMBYC High Point Event (Dec. 4)


The King Harbor Yacht Club in Redondo Beach will host the Christmas Regatta on Dec. 4. The regatta is ruled by the Racing Rules of Sailing and is a US Nearshore event. This is the last race of the year at King Harbor Yacht Club. The race will be per the current KHYC Race Mark Guide, which can be found on the King Harbor website. The regatta is open to members of the clubs affiliated with the Southern California Yacht Association and who hold a current PHRF certificate. Multihulls and one-design classes are invited. There will need to be at least three entries to constitute a class. PHRF classes will be split using PHRF Area-B ratings and are as follows A (129 and lower)- B (130 and higher), V (136 and higher with Performance Factors less than 1.76). There is a $20 entry fee and a $5 late fee for entries completed on the day of the race. Entries can be completed online at the Regatta Network website:




Santa Barbara Yacht Club Holiday Regatta (Dec. 4 & 5)


The Santa Barbara Yacht Club will host its Holiday Regatta, the last race in the 2021 SBYC Challenge Cup Series, on Dec. 4 & 5 within two miles of the Santa Barbara Harbor entrance. The regatta is open to all members of SBYC and all members of clubs belonging to the US Sailing Association. Members of other clubs are eligible for the regatta but not the Challenge Cup. Entries can be submitted online at the Santa Barbara Yacht Club website: Entries are due by 10 a.m. on the day of the race. The regatta is ruled by The Racing Rules of Sailing, applicable rules for One Design and PHRF classes, and the US Safety Equipment Requirements “Near Shore” for PHRF classes. In addition, participants will need a valid rating certificate for their class association. To learn more, see the SBYC website at

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