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CRA Year End Regatta sponsored by Ullman Sails— The First Regatta of the 2023 CRA High Point Championship (Dec. 10)


On Dec. 10, the Cortez Racing Association will host the Year End Regatta in San Diego. The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing for 2021-2024, but the US Sailing Prescription to Rule 63.2 will not apply. The sailing instructions will be available by 5 p.m. on Dec. 9 on the online official notice board. The regatta is open to all members of organizations affiliated with US Sailing. The regatta is open to all boats of the J-24 class. Other one-design classes may be considered at the discretion of the RC Chair. The Fleet Captain should contact Colleen Cooke, CRA RC Chair, at or (619)852-5010. PHRF classes are open to all boats with a current, valid PHRF certificate issued by PHRF San Diego. In addition, all Sport Boats must have a current ORCi or ORC Club certificate. All eligible boats must enter online at no later than 6 p.m. on Dec. 9. To be considered an entry in the event, a boat must complete all registration requirements and pay all fees. There is a $40 registration fee for non-CRA members, no charge for CRA members, and a $10 fee for “shadow scoring” for PHRF classes. Two races are scheduled— the scheduled time of the warning signal for the first race is 11:55 a.m. The warning signal for the second race will be as soon as possible after completing the previous race. No warning signal for a race will be made after 4 p.m. To view the Notice of Race, please visit

1st Annual Winter Cup Regatta (Dec. 16-18)

 On Dec. 16-18, the Balboa Yacht Club will host the 1st Annual Winter Cup Regatta. The event has applied for world sailing grade 5. This grading is subject to review by world sailing. The Organizing Authority (OA) will be the Balboa Beach Yacht Club (BYC). BYC is located at 1801 Bayside Dr, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625. The OA may invite up to four teams. Only teams invited by the OA are eligible to enter this event. Skippers wishing to compete in this event shall file a request for an invitation by contacting the organizing authority at Sailors must be under 21 years of age as of Dec. 18th. Competitors must be members of their Member National Authority or one of its affiliated organizations. Competitors shall obtain a World Sailing (WS) ID by registering online at To remain eligible, a team representative shall confirm acceptance of their invitation in writing no later than the date specified on the invitation letter. A schedule of events is as follows:

Dec 16– 1-5 p.m. Registration

2-5 p.m. Practice in GC 21 (optional)

Dec. 17– 9-10 a.m. Registration

10 a.m. Competitors Meeting

11 a.m. Dock Out for Tow

12 p.m. First Attention Signal

Post-race: Umpire Debrief

Dec 18– 10 a.m. Competitors meeting

11 a.m. Dock out for Tow

12 p.m. First attention signal

4 p.m. No start signals permitted after this time

Post-Race: Prize Giving


Unless excused by the OA, attendance at the following is mandatory: (a) Competitors meeting (b) Umpire Debrief. (c) Meeting with the umpires. (d) Prize giving.


To view the Notice of Race, please visit  the Balboa Yacht Club website.

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