Ryan Finn Has Set Out to Set Sailing Record

CAPE HORN— On Jan. 18, sailor Ryan Finn set out to break a record on a 19th-century clipper-ship route taking him from New York around Cape Horn and up to San Francisco on his 36’ Proa Jzerro.  

           Finn is taking the solo journey after making a promise to himself while fighting cancer. 

He is attempting to defeat the world record for the fastest single-handed route to San Francisco, which is currently 81 days, by finishing his journey in 70 days; this is Finn’s second attempt at the record. 

           Finn is heading down to South America, following the Atlantic Coast; once he has hit South America, Finn plans to work with weather routers to navigate the safest and fastest route to San Francisco. 

           Finn is aiming for an average daily speed of 10 knots throughout his trip.

           Finn’s Jzerro weighs roughly 3,200 pounds. He has added a water filtration system to his boat, making the overall load much lighter. 

           The 36’ Proa Jzerro features Colligo Marine Extra Lightweight Headsail Furling (ELHF) Systems, Engineered Synthetic Standing Rigging, Torque Rope for the storm job, and Colligo Dux Running Rigging. 

           “Colligo Marine Products are very durable,” Finn told Sail-World. “I am very happy with them. They are the one thing I’m secure about throughout this journey.”

           Finn is currently in the Atlantic Ocean, sailing south between South America and Africa as he gets closer to the tip of Cape Horn. You can keep track of Finn and his journey through a tracking app or on his Instagram account

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