SailGP Switzerland and WE Foundation Highlight Inclusive Racing

This season, when SailGP teams convened in Cadiz, Spain, it marked more than a mere weekend of fast-paced races for SailGP Switzerland.

In collaboration with their Race for the Future partner, SailGP Switzerland orchestrated the WE Foundation SailGP OneSport Inclusive Regatta. SailGP athletes, led by Swiss driver Sebastien Schneiter, joined forces with 10 sailors aboard two-person RS Venture Connect boats. This initiative aligns with the team’s commitment to promoting equal opportunities, raising disability awareness and fostering inclusivity.


Adam Billany from Great Britain partnered with Nathan Outteridge and emerged victorious in the race. Subsequently, all participants were welcomed to the Swiss team’s headquarters for the prize presentation and a tour of the F50 race boat, Eiger.


The event’s significance could resonate throughout the sport. Since Season 2, SailGP has implemented an Impact League, serving as a “podium for the planet” and running parallel to the Season Championship. In Season 4, teams are tasked with advancing diversity and equity in sailing by fostering a culture of inclusion within their teams and across the broader business and sport.


Teams are required to propose and execute tailor-made projects aimed at supporting the event’s purpose, which focuses on reducing waste, promoting diversity, cutting emissions and empowering female athletes. These projects are evaluated and teams are awarded points based on their actions to minimize their carbon footprint and promote inclusivity in sailing.


The judging panel for this season includes Dr. Sheila Nguyen, former head of sustainability at the FIFA World Cup 2023, Ryan Storr, founder of the LGBTIQ+ sport charity Proud2Play, and Kelvin Beachum, a member of the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals and an advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion.


Switzerland was recognized for its efforts in promoting inclusive racing and was awarded a total of 100 points, propelling them to the top spot on the overall Impact League leaderboard. This achievement followed the team’s second-place finish in the Impact League’s inaugural major focus area, the Race to Zero Waste.


“This is built into the fabric of what this team is all about, so to see an entity using their platform in this regard, it’s impressive,” said Ryan Storr in a statement. “The DNA of what this team is about is inclusion.”


“They weaved the different elements of the workforce and championing an inclusive workplace for people with disability using their voice – it was very multifaceted,” Storr added.


SailGP stands as a World Sailing Special Event, and the dedication of the teams to community development, environmental preservation and enhancing accessibility in sailing aligns closely with World Sailing’s vision for a more inclusive sport.


“The SailGP Switzerland team has really opened the door to the concept of inclusive racing and allowed us a platform to create a really special event,” said Hannah Stodel, World Sailing’s parasailing manager. “Ultimately, all a sailor wants is the opportunity to go sailing on an equal playing field and the OneSport Challenge has created that. It’s an incredible achievement and I’m proud of the part World Sailing has played in helping facilitate the event.”


This marked the second primary focus of Season 4’s Impact League, succeeding the Race to Zero Waste, in which SailGP Australia emerged victorious for its efforts in reducing single-use plastics during on-water repairs. Switzerland secured second place in this category, earning praise from the judges for initiatives in reducing and re-purposing water utilized for post-racing F50 cleanups.


Two additional focal points will be evaluated later in the season as teams advocate for Climate Action by pioneering a lower-carbon future and Breaking Boundaries by promoting gender equity through the Women’s Pathway.


Further information on the Impact League, the current standings and the full list of expert judges is available on the

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