Sailing 101: Tackle Hack for a Day on the Duffy

Summer is right around the corner, and Duffy boat rentals will begin to get busier, and what’s a Duffy boat without drinks and snacks? It’s fun but is not reaching its full potential. Charcuterie boards are the perfect snack on a boat, but they are notorious for being hard to transport, and we all know how annoying they are to clean up in a hurry. Goat cheese everywhere. The Log has found a way around that problem. 


A charcuterie board in a tackle box. A traveling charcuterie board that comes along with easy clean up— call it a snackle box. 


Fishermen traditionally use the organized box to arrange their lures, baits, flies, and lines. However, a clean tackle box is a great way to organize cured meats, cheeses, crackers, sweets, nuts, and spreads when you’re out on the water. 


While a charcuterie board is traditionally an appetizer served on a slab of stone or wooden board and eaten with your fingers from directly off said board, the portable tackle box is an easy solution for a charcuterie board required on the go. 


The tackle box technique seems to have evolved from the bento box, a Japanese iteration of a single-portion, organized meal. 


One suggestion is to make sure that your tackle box is made of safe material for consumption. We don’t want you ingesting any harmful chemicals from the plastic. Run your tackle box through a dishwasher cycle, whether it’s new or old, before using it. Tackle boxes are available in metal or plastic. I recommend plastic for cleaning purposes and to avoid possible rusting, But if you’re concerned, just line the box with parchment paper or Syran wrap. 


Try this hack the next time you’re out on the water, and then email the Log at with your photos to be featured throughout the newspaper.

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