Sailors named to 2018 U.S. Sailing team

Roster features Olympic hopefuls from San Diego, Newport Beach and Long Beach.

BRISTOL, Rhode Island β€” Nearly two-dozen sailors were named to the 2018 U.S. Sailing team, it was announced March 20. The 20 sailors, who are also Olympic hopefuls, hail from Long Beach, Newport Beach and San Diego, among other cities nationwide.

β€œThe national team is selected annually and is comprised of the top sailors competing in the events selected for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games,” U.S. Sailing staff stated.

Those making the U.S. Sailing 2018 roster from Southern California are: Judge Ryan (San Diego); Hans Henken (Coronado); Caleb Paine (San Diego); Chris Barnard (Newport Beach); Charlie Buckingham (Newport Beach); and, Riley Gibbs (Long Beach).

Completing the roster are Chris Rast (Michigan), Trevor Burd (Massachusetts), Stephanie Roble (Wisconsin), Maggie Shea (Illinois), Erika Reineke (Florida), Haddon Hughes (Texas),

Paige Railey (Florida), Stuart McNay (Rhode Island), David Hughes (Florida), Louisa Chafee (Rhode Island), Bora Gulari (Michigan), Helena Scutt (Washington), Ravi Parent (Florida) and Christina Persson (Florida).

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