San Diego yacht clubs to co-host Coastal Cup during Memorial Day weekend

SAN DIEGO—Mission Beach, Southwestern and Oceanside yacht clubs will be co-hosting two regattas as part of the San Diego Coastal Cup during Memorial Day weekend, with sailors competing against each other in either the Butler Invitational (May 25) or Oceanside-to-San Diego Race (May 26).

The Coastal Cup is open to racing boats of 20 feet (LOA) and larger; boats must be designed for offshore racing and maintain a valid rating certificate in the fleet they are registered to compete (Cruising Class exempt).

The entry deadline for the San Diego Coastal Cup is May 23, 5 p.m. Non-PHRF San Diego entries are required to include a copy of their rating certificate in order to register. Entry fees are $55 for 30 feet or smaller; $75 for 30 to 40 feet; and, $105 for boats larger than 40 feet. Registration fees include both Butler Invitational and Oceanside-to-San Diego Race, Friday and Saturday evening parties, water taxi service for crew and Oceanside Harbor slip fees (Saturday night).

Those competing in the Butler Cup will start the races 1 nautical mile north-northwest of the Mission Bay entrance. The course continues by leaving Windward Mark to starboard (1 nautical mile directly upwind) and to Oceanside Pier (where the race will complete 500 yards directly west of the structure). The approximate course length is 27.4 nautical miles.

Two courses highlight the return race from Oceanside to San Diego (with both courses starting 500 yards directly west of Oceanside Pier).

Course 1 is 38 nautical miles in length and finishes near the end of Zuniga (upper portion of San Diego Bay). The second course is 26.8 nautical miles and finishes 1 nautical mile north-northwest of the Mission Bay entrance.

The Butler Cup’s warning signal will be at 11:25 a.m., May 25; the warning signal for the Oceanside-to-San Diego Race is set for 11 a.m. on May 26.

Oceanside Yacht Club will host a post-race party on Sept. 3; Southwestern Yacht Club will host a trophy presentation after racing on May 26. Each class will be presented with a perpetual trophy.

The following perpetual trophies will be awarded:

  • Mission Bay Yacht Club Butler Perpetual for first mono-hull (corrected time)
  • First PHRF Class Boat (corrected time)
  • Southwest Yacht Club PHRF Class Boat (corrected time)
  • Oceanside Yacht Club PHRF Boat (corrected time)
  • First SWRF Boat (corrected time)
  • Club Participation
  • Mayor of San Diego (first place boat, corrected time)
  • Mayor of Oceanside (first boat to finish).

Contact Mission Bay YC Regatta Chair Gene Ratliffe at 858-449-9159,

Southwestern YC and Mission Bay YC Chair Chris Winnard at 619-987-7331, Oceanside YC Regatta Chair Mark Mallaby at 858-382-1934 or Mission Bay YC Public Relations Officer Randy Carper at 760-729-0886 for more information.

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