U.S. Marine Corps celebrates first win in 2016 Patriot Regatta

LONG BEACH — The U.S. Marine Corps team won the Patriot Regatta Sept. 10 winning this regatta for the first time against the Air Force, Army, Navy and the Coast Guard. The regatta was hosted by Long Beach Yacht Club, supported by the USO and sponsored by Switlik to honor active duty members of America’s military.

More than 70 service members participated under the supervision of skilled sailing coaches on Long Beach YC’s fleet of Catalina 37 race boats, managed by the Long Beach Sailing Foundation.

Racing under sunny skies on a warm fall afternoon, the teams had good breezes of 10-15 knots for their day away from their regular duties.

The Marine Corps team had four active-duty members: Kathrine Scoffield, Kayla Blue, Jonathan Harris and Michael Conden. Most of the other teams had as many as seven or eight.

The Patriot Regatta was first held in 2012 as the inspiration of Jon Turigliatto who is also a Judge Advocate for Long Beach YC.

Final Results

  1. U.S. Marine Corps, 2-1-4-1, 8 points
  2. U.S. Navy, 4-5-1-3, 13
  3. U.S. Air Force Team 2, 3-7-3-2, 15 (on tiebreaker)
  4. U.S. Air Force Team 1, 5-4-2-4, 15
  5. U.S. Air Force Team 4, 1-2-7-7, 17
  6. U.S. Army Team 3, 7-3-8-6, 24
  7. U.S. Coast Guard Team 1, 9-8-5-8, 30
  8. U.S. Army Team 1, 6-6-10-9, 31
  9. U.S. Army Team 2, 11—9-9-5, 34
  10. U.S. Coast Guard Team 2, 8-11-6-10, 35
  11. U.S. Air Force Team 3, 10-10-11-11, 42

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