Yacht Club Opening Days – Postponed or Canceled

Here is a list of a yacht clubs that postponed or canceled their respective Opening Day ceremonies for 2020, due to Covid-19/Coronavirus. (Originally scheduled Opening Day date in parenthesis.)


Santa Monica Windjammers (March 14)

Cerritos Bahia (March 14)

California (March 14)

Marina (March 14)

Pacific Mariners (March 15)

South Coast Corinthian (March 15)

Del Rey (March 15)

Lake Mission Viejo (March 22)

Long Beach (March 28)

Hollywood (March 28)

Balboa Basin (April 4)

Cabrillo Beach (April 4)

Navy YC Long Beach (April 4)

Santa Margarita (April 5)

Oceanside (April 5)

King Harbor (April 5)

Oasis Sailing Club (April 17)

Westlake (April 18)

Little Ships Fleet (April 26)

Coronado Cays (May 2)

Southwestern (May 17)

Silver Gate (May 17)

Corsair (May 24)


Ventura (April 4)

Pierpoint Bay (April 4)

Harbor Island (April 4)

Pacific Corinthian (April 4)

London Bridge (April 5)

Port Royal (April 5)

Redondo Beach (April 5)

Anacapa (April 5)

Channel Islands Women’s Sailing (April 5)

Channel Islands (April 5)

Huntington Harbour (April 18)

Mission Bay (April 18)

San Luis (April 18)

Morro Bay (April 19)

San Diego (April 19)

Point Loma (April 25)

Seagate (April 25)

Lido Isle (May 2)

South Shore (May 2)

Alamitos Bay (May 2)

Newport Sea Base (May 2)

Bahia Corinthian (May 9)

Dana Point (May 16)

Dana West (May 16)

The following yacht clubs held (or are planning to hold) an Opening Day Ceremony:

Los Angeles

Santa Barbara Sailing Club

Santa Barbara

Navy YC San Diego


Marina YC of Long Beach

Newport Beach Elks

Seal Beach

Lake Gregory

Lake Arrowhead


Channel Islands Cruising Club

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