Zim Sailing is Opening the Discussion

Zim Sailing, a large, small-sailboat manufacturer and distributor in North America, has opened registration for its first two Regional Roundtable events in California, which will provide a one-day roundtable platform for individuals and organizations within the sailing community to have open discussions and network to discuss industry changes, events, practices, and everything else sailing. 


The Northern California Regional Roundtable will occur on Nov. 4 and will be hosted by Half Moon Bay Yacht Club, just south of San Francisco, and will be conducted by a seasoned moderator to be announced on or before Oct. 20.


Marina Park in Newport Beach will host the Southern California Regional Roundtable on Nov. 8 and will be moderated by Reed Maltbie, Executive Director of the Intercollegiate Sailing Association.


Regional Roundtables are free to attend and include attendee swag bag, light breakfast, and feature lunch sponsored by Risk Strategies – Gowrie Group. Both events will run from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. and will be comprised of a morning session where attendees will share their challenges across various topics, an afternoon session to collaborate and develop solutions for those challenges, and an evening social networking gathering.


Attendees are encouraged to come ready to talk and share and will leave with new ideas and takeaways to improve their programs and sailing activities.

• To register for the Northern California Regional Roundtable on Nov. 4, visit https://shorturl.at/blrWZ

• To register for the Southern California Regional Roundtable on Nov. 8, visit https://shorturl.at/aepAM.


The Southern California Regional Roundtable is the day before the US Sailing Stakeholders Summit, hosted by Los Angeles Yacht Club, and interested attendees are encouraged to consider attending that event as well.


For more information, please visit https://zimsailing.com/regional-rountables/.


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