A floating vessel full of felines

AMSTERDAM ― Amsterdam is known for many interesting attractions from cannabis cafes to notable canals. The Netherlands capital is also known for floating homes. One particular floating structure, strangely enough, is just for felines.

A flat-bottom vessel, called The Catboat, is a sanctuary for owner-relinquished and stray cats in Amsterdam.

“The Catboat is the only animal sanctuary that literally floats,” states the website for the non-profit organization – called the “Cat Boat Foundation” in English.

The idea of a cat shelter on water is strange, since cats are known to despise water.

Cat on the water

Even The Catboat website states “most cats hate water. But ours learn to love living on it. After all, we have been keeping their feet dry since 1968.”

The barge accommodates up to 50 cats. The cats can be seen gazing out at the water and watching the occasional floating ducks or swans.

The cats are well taken care of by volunteers and through donations.

Each cat is micro chipped, vaccinated, and neutered or spayed. Some of the cats are permanent residents, while many other cats are available for adoption.

The unprecedented floating refuge for the felines has become a draw for tourists.

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