A new kind of float

After David Mallis, Don Mock and Robert Broadfoot began to talk about how they hated having to float in a lake with an upside down lifejacket, the three friends came up with the idea for BumFloat – an easy-to-wear float belt.

In 2012, the three founders and creators of the float tested out several new methods of floating around the lake before landing on the BumFloat. While the product does not expect to win any fashion awards, it looks to enhance any lake dwellers experience.

BumFloat allows users to sit upright in the water without having to hold on to a floatable device. Ideal for anyone who likes to bum around the water.

The BumFloat can be used in lakes, harbors, pools and “relaxed” oceans. The product is also easy to store onboard. BumFloat does not serve as life saving device but simply as a float to use at leisure.

The product was introduced to the public through social media and boating expos, and within the first year BumFloat sold 3,000 products, according to the website.

For more information, visit bumfloat.com.

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