A strange cube-shaped yacht keeps popping up all over Tampa Bay

TAMPA, Florida — An unusually shaped yacht named Rendezvous 2018 has been popping up around the Tampa Bay waterfront, some favorable and some not so much. What’s so strange about this yacht? It’s cube shaped and, in ways, this bizarre looking boat has a futuristic look and accessories potentially paving the way for yachting technology.

Cubic Yachts LLC is registered to Gordon Babbitt of Bulk Resources, Inc. There has been some confusion revolving around who the yacht belongs to, but it is certainly catching attention on the waters.

A notable feature of “The Cube” is that it has four extendable legs that allow the yacht to sit above water. Onlookers may not be aware from the outside, but the inside of the yacht is also comparable to a compact floating mansion with an on-deck Jacuzzi and hurricane glass windows. Four bedrooms are onboard, each with an en suite bathroom. Entertainment options on The Cube are also endless with a downstairs gaming room and theater featuring a ping-pong table and flat-screen television. A smaller deck is also equipped with a gas grill and sectional leather couches and lounge chairs.

According to an article by Tampa Bay Times: “The boat is a work in progress with planned additions and aesthetic changes in progress, including a crane being attached to the upper deck that will be able to lift a smaller boat onboard.”

The yacht, on social media, had been previously described as “freaky,” but after clearing up some rumors about its intentions, folks were more inclined to make positive comments. Others marveled at the sheer size of the yacht in person.

Initially, there were quite a few rumors surrounding the question of ownership. Among some of those rumors included that the owner was banned from setting foot on American soil, that he was a professional athlete, that it was owned by country singer Chris Young, and that it was an old casino ferry. None of these turned out to be true.

Bozell Hosey, for instance, tweeted: “Crazy cool. I’ve never seen a boat like this. I want one.”

This insane cube-shaped yacht could be yours … if you happen to have $12 million sitting around.


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