A Woman Walks 1,000 Miles for World Ocean’s Day

GIBRALTAR一 Marie Harrington a resident of Gibraltar, a British overseas territory on a narrow peninsula on the Southern Coast of Spain, is walking 1,000 miles for Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

The United Kingdom-based charity runs a “Great Migration” charity event every year where participants work together to walk thousands of miles to replicate the migratory pattern of whales.

Harrington decided to take advantage of the COVID-19 lockdown to participate in the migration and get out and enjoy the natural beauty of her home.

Harrington figured out that a walk around “the rock” referring to the Rock of Gibraltar, added up to seven miles a day.

After some calculation, she figured out that there were 143 days between January 17, when she set out on her adventure, and World Ocean’s Day on June 8.

Seven times 143 is 1,000 and Harrington told the Gibraltar Chronicle that it seemed like “a nice number.”

The Strait of Gibraltar is used as a migratory corridor for different species of whales, who use it as a highway between the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

“Every year we have Orca, Sperm whales, and Fin whales as well as our resident populations of Pilot whales, Bottlenose, Striped, and Common dolphins. A truly amazing place to live for a cetacean lover,” said Harrington in a March 7 article from the Gibraltar Chronicle.

You can keep track or sponsor Harrington’s “Great Migration” at www.justgiving.com/marieharrington1.



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