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Alligator leaps into airboat while people are on board

MIAMI, Florida (AP) ― A Missouri couple vacationing in Florida had a close encounter with an alligator when it leapt into their airboat and became wedged in the boat’s railing.

Passengers screamed as 30-year-old Tylor Hindery of Springfield, Missouri captured the moment in a Facebook live video posted Jan. 17.

Hinderey tells the Miami Herald he talked his wife Emerald into an airboat ride.

The guide killed the engine and floated close to the bank so people could photograph the gator.

Hinderey says the boat got stuck. The guide didn’t want to start the engine and scare the gator so he prepared to push off the bank. Just as he warned passengers not to make any sudden movements, the gator jumped into the boat.

The gator eventually slid in to the water. No one was hurt.

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