Arkup’s modern luxury floating homes, clocking in at $5.5 million, aim to address sea level rise

MIAMI—In Northern California’s Sausalito, some “landless” tenants may be looking to floating homes to provide a solution to the state’s housing crisis, but on the East Coast some companies are looking to house boats to provide a luxury experience – in some cases totaling $5.5 million or more. Arkup, a company whose website describes its products as an “avant garde life on water,” recently revealed to Miami Herald its customizable, upscale floating homes are also designed for sea level rise.

Arkup states of its floating communities, “Arkup livable yachts transcend the constraints that marinas and other floating communities face. With their hydraulic pilings, the floating homes can occupy waterfront space that is currently unusable by conventional yachts. We strive to bring new ideas to marine owners to develop the floating communities of tomorrow. We partner with developers to imagine, design and create new possibilities for expanding their marinas.”

According to the article in Miami Herald, two French engineers with a passion for the water were inspired to create these floating homes by the Netherlands’ floating home communities. For Miami, another city that is facing risk from sea level rise, could potentially benefit from “floating villages.” Though Nicholas Derouin, managing director of Arkup, stated that he wants “to create housing solutions for a broader audience,” like students and families, the cost of the current homes are $5.5 million. Would it be possible to develop a sustainable floating community in a reasonable price range?

For those who might not be able to readily purchase one of these sustainable yacht houses, Arkup also provides chartering. Some of the suggested “extras” (which come at an additional coat) one could take advantage of while renting the four-bedroom, four-bathroom 4,350 sq. foot vessels is hiring a local fishing captain to grill the fresh catch or adding a private on-deck yoga instructor.

Visit the website at to learn more about Arkup.

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