Bart’s Bash 2016 aims to raise awareness and funds for disabled sailing globally

With the decision being made to remove sailing from the Paralympics the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation pledged to use the funds raised through Bart’s Bash in 2016 to help promote and develop disabled sailing globally.

The funds raised from the event will be distributed via national sailing federations or through the official ASSF grants process with the aim to support grassroots disabled sailing projects and make disabled sailing more accessible.

In 2016 Bart’s Bash will take place across two days: Sept. 17-18. Since Bart’s Bash started in 2014 the event has seen more than 45,000 sailors participate across 62 countries. This year Bart’s Bash aims to encourage more sailors and countries to participate across the world and continue to be one of the highlights of the sailing club calendar bringing members and their family and friends together.

ASSF Trustee Iain Percy said, “The money raised from Bart’s Bash has already enabled the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation to support grassroots sailing projects around the world, allowing children and young people to experience the sport who otherwise would not have been given the opportunity.

“This year we want to focus our efforts on disabled sailing. Bart was extremely passionate about the power that sailing has and that it should be accessible for all. It is a travesty that the Paralympics is dropping sailing after Rio 2016 so we have placed Bart’s Bash on the last two days of the Paralympics Games. It really is a call for the worldwide sailing community to get together and help raise funds for disabled and Paralympic sailing in the future.”

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