Boating in Cape Fear

CAPE FEAR, North Carolina—We are approaching the 30-year anniversary of ‘Cape Fear,’ the psychological thriller film directed by Martin Scorsese. Anyone who has watched the film knows it’s about a convicted felon (played by Robert DeNiro) who stalks his public defender (played by Nick Nolte) and his family (portrayed by Juliette Lewis and Jessica Lange). The film’s climax takes place aboard a houseboat in Cape Fear.

Cape Fear is an actual place in North Carolina – and is a boating destination, due to its location near the Atlantic Ocean. The area known as Cape Fear Headlands is on the southeastern North Carolina coast, with Wilmington the closest major city. The headland also doubles as the mouth of Cape Fear River, where the boating activities take place.

“One of the most popular pastimes in the Cape Fear region is boating, and for very good reason,” on online boating guide for Cape Fear, North Carolina stated. “Surrounded by water that can range from the Cape Fear River itself to a network of salty canals and inlets that connect with the Atlantic Ocean, there are literally hundreds of miles to explore in this divinely coastal region.”

The Cape Fear riverfront region is dotted with boat ramps and launches.

“From the heart of the Cape Fear River to the Intracoastal Waterway, virtually every coastal town in this region has a public boat ramp or two where mariners can effortlessly connect with the water,” the online Cape Fear boating guide stated.

Inshore and offshore fishing charters are also available for anglers visiting the Cape Fear region.

Shad, bass, catfish and sunfish are common catches for anglers who fish Cape Fear River.

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