Cal Boating Launches Floating Billboards to Promote Pollution Awareness

Byline: The Log Staff

Cal Boating Launches Floating Billboards to Promote Pollution Awareness

LOS ANGELES — The California Department of Boating and Waterways (Cal Boating) is taking its “clean boating” message to the water, for the third year in a row.

Over Labor Day weekend, bbi Display Systems of Malibu floating billboards appeared along the Southern California coast and in various harbors, promoting clean boating practices. The floating billboards, towed by boats, encourage proper disposal of sewage in order to protect the waterways — and the message targets recreational boaters.

The inflatable billboards measure 24 feet by 14 feet and were pulled by small vessels at 5 mph, ensuring prolonged exposure periods. The patented amphibious inflatable billboards have been featured on land and water for various advertisers — including Disney, McDonalds, Toyota and Apple — and this is the third year they have been launched on Southern California waters for Cal Boating.

The department’s campaign is aimed at reducing the release of holding tank waste into local waterways. In addition to creating awareness with the floating billboards, Cal Boating is providing boater education programs to promote public awareness about boat sewage and proper disposal methods.

Under the federal Clean Vessel Act, boats with approved Marine Sanitation Devices (marine toilets) must hold sewage for pumpout at approved stations. If that is not possible, sewage may be discharged in non-sanctuary areas of the open ocean, at least 3 miles offshore — or sewage must be treated to federal standards prior to discharge.

The department picked Labor Day weekend to launch its floating billboard advertisements, since the holiday typically draws among the year’s largest boating crowds.

The floating billboards reminded boaters to use the appropriate sewage facilities, with each emblazoned with the message: “Dump at the pump. If it’s your boat, it’s your responsibility.”

The inflatable displays were contracted by Media Solutions of Sacramento and are operated by bbi Display Systems of Malibu, an alternative outdoor advertising company.

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