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California State Officials Make Waves in Inaugural Port of Hueneme Visit

Chair of Select Committee on Ports & Goods Movement and GO-Biz Director Explore Port of Hueneme.

The Port of Hueneme recently hosted two notable guests, Dee Dee Myers, director of the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz), and Assembly member Mike A. Gipson, Chair of the Select Committee on Ports and Goods Movement. During their visit, the California officials were given a tour of the port’s facilities and gained insights into its unique approach, known as the Hueneme Way, which focuses on collaboration and the utilization of offsite facilities to bolster job opportunities for local residents and enhance the efficiency of cargo movement. Serving as the sole deepwater port between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the Port of Hueneme plays a crucial role in the state’s supply chain, handling more than $15.8 billion worth of cargo annually.


Myers made a stop at the Port of Hueneme en route to keynote a local Economic Development Collaborative (EDC) event, where port CEO Kristin Decas was honored as the new board chair. Meanwhile, Gipson embarked on a tour of all ports along the California coast, engaging with port officials, stakeholders and workers to gain insights into operations, challenges and achievements. His objective is to compile information from each port to inform a comprehensive white paper that will shape state policies and investments in the industry.


Both Myers and Gipson played key roles in establishing a $27 million Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aimed at fostering collaboration and standardization in data collection and supply chain management among five California container ports and the state.

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  • What were the key objectives behind the inaugural visit of California state officials to the Port of Hueneme, and how did it impact the port’s operations and future development plans?



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