Catch That Bass by Topwater Fishing

Topwater fishing is a style where lures or bait are worked on the water’s surface to attract fish that feed near the top of the water column. Topwater fishing aims to mimic prey or insects found on the water’s surface, prompting predatory fish to strike and capture the bait.

There are tricks that will lead you to a successful day of topwater fishing, including:


  1. Use of surface lures: Specialized lures, known as topwater lures, are typically used in this style of fishing. These lures are designed to float or stay near the water’s surface, imitating insects, small fish or other creatures that fish may feed on.
  2. Action and movement: Anglers use various techniques to impart action to the lure, creating movement and splashing on the water’s surface. This action is designed to trigger a fish’s predatory instincts, enticing it to strike.
  3. Visual and auditory attraction: Topwater lures are designed to produce visual and auditory cues that mimic distressed or feeding prey. Fish are drawn to the surface by the commotion and the perception of an easy meal.
  4. Species and locations: Topwater fishing is prevalent for freshwater and saltwater game fish, including bass, pike, muskie, trout, redfish, tarpon and more. Different regions and fish species may have their preferred topwater lures and techniques.
  5. Exciting strikes: One of the appeals of topwater fishing is the excitement of witnessing a fish strike on the surface. The strikes are often explosive and visible, providing a thrilling and memorable fishing experience.
  6. Time of day: Topwater fishing is typically more effective during low-light conditions, such as dawn and dusk, when fish are more likely to feed near the surface. However, it can still be successful at other times, depending on the fish species and their feeding patterns.


When it comes to topwater fishing for bass, choosing the best lure can depend on various factors, including the time of year, water conditions, bass behavior and personal angler preferences. Buzzbaits are a popular choice amongst seasoned anglers. Buzzbaits have a propeller or blade that creates noise and surface disturbance as it’s retrieved, resembling a fleeing baitfish or insect. They’re excellent for covering water quickly and drawing aggressive strikes.


Given its extensive coastline, numerous lakes and rivers and diverse fish populations, California offers a wide range of opportunities for topwater fishing. Pay a visit to Clear Lake, Shasta Lake, Pyramid Lake or any coastal areas from San Diego to Los Angeles.


Overall, topwater fishing is a dynamic and engaging fishing technique that allows anglers to target fish feeding near the surface. It requires skill and finesse to effectively work the lure to entice fish into striking, making it a favored technique among many anglers.


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