Dog found treading water 2 miles from Fla. shore

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP)  —  A fisherman discovered a small dog treading water about 2 miles from shore in Tampa Bay, rescuers said. The commercial fisherman saw the dog’s nose rising above the waves Thursday morning, the Tampa Bay Times reports. The bay water temperature was 68.

“We’re assuming she fell overboard at night and nobody even knew it,” Suzy Johnson, who is helping take care of the dog, told the newspaper.

The fisherman took the dog to Demens Landing marina, where resident Tony Basile wrapped the dog in a towel. “She shook all night,” Basile said.

The pooch was wearing a red collar with the name “Baby’” written in rhinestones. A trip to Banfield Pet Hospital revealed she had a microchip.

Workers there scanned the chip and discovered she had been reported missing two years ago. But the phone number associated with her name doesn’t work.

A Banfield spokesperson told the newspaper the dog’s family might have reported her missing and then found her and never updated the information.

The dog is brown, about 18 inches tall and 20 to 30 pounds. Her caretakers aren’t sure what breed she is, but said she appears well groomed and cared for. Veterinarian workers are continuing to try and find the dog’s owner and all are hoping for a happy reunion after the dog’s lucky rescue.

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