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Ecospeed – a copper-free coating available to boaters

NATIONWIDE ― Subsea Industries announced a copper-free coating, called Ecospeed, is now available to the yachting industry and recreational boating community.

Ecospeed has been used on vessels navigating through sea ice. Now owners of yachts and other pleasure boats can coat their hulls with Ecospeed and have their hulls cleaned in-water.

Boats with copper-base paint contaminate the water especially during in-water hull cleanings.

“Ecospeed hulls can be legally cleaned in-water because the hard-type, glass flake coating is proven to remain intact during the cleaning process,” Subsea Industries’ U.S. Sales Manager Kelly Townsend stated.

“Since our Ecospeed product contains zero chemicals and is completely non-toxic to marine life, it has the potential to meet the yacht sector’s requirement for a clean, reliable and cost-effective alternative to copper-based coatings,” Townsend added.

Coastal cities in California are feeling pressure to regulate and restrict copper paint on boats by the regional or state water board. A Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) policy is being implemented in many local harbors. A regional water board in San Diego, for instance, is requiring Shelter Island Yacht Basin to reduce at least 76 percent of copper pollution by 2022.

Washington state has already passed legislation to ban copper paint, and Townsend foresees California being next.

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