Fishermen reel in 1,000 pound great white shark

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida—A group of fishermen rang in the New Year with quite a catch off the coast of South Florida. WSVN reports a group of tourists on a charter fishing boat off the coast of Broward on Jan. 1 reeled in a 1,000-pound great white shark.

The group told WSVN they were just waiting on the perfect catch when they felt the boat starting to pull.

“We didn’t know what it was gonna be, but when we finally laid eyes on it, it was like seeing a unicorn,” Josh Bieber told WSVN. “We were just all blown away.”

The shark was about two miles off the coast and took about an hour to reel in. The group got the shark close enough to capture video and pictures and then let the shark go. The great white did not have a tag on it, but the charter group told WSVN they placed one on it, so if it is caught again, they will be able to follow its journey.


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