French designer creates an amphibious vehicle

ANNECY-LE-VIEUX, France ― Imagine getting into a small vehicle, driving to the harbor where your boat is moored, approaching the boat launch ramp and continuing to drive into the water directly to your boat. The Mini Moke Amphibious Lazareth provides boaters with the experience of wheels and a propeller in one vehicle/vessel.

The Mini Moke was originally built in England as a “beach buggy.” Frenchman and industrial designer Ludovic Lazareth has now created a beach/boat buggy.

Lazareth made what appears to be a golf cart-jeep-hybrid, which also operates similar to a dinghy. The vehicle’s maximum speed on land is 55 mph (90 kph) and on water is 7 knots. The Mini Moke Amphibious Lazareth weighs a little more than 837 pounds (380 kilograms) and can be put on a boat using the same lift system as a dinghy, Lazareth told The Log.

The first Mini Moke Amphibious Lazareth was built in January and is currently being manufactured on a limited edition, made-to-order basis. The assembly time is two months.

The Mini Moke Amphibious Lazareth, produced and registered in France, gets delivered with French registration documents. The current price is 42,000 Euros ($49,541).

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