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French marine leisure industry to host Virtual Nautic, an immersive boat show

PARIS—The French marine leisure industry, represented by Fédération des Industries Nautiques (FIN) has launched an immersive boat show which will be held on March 12 and 13. FIN has partnered with Virbela and Laval Virtual to conceive and create Virtual Nautic, a virtual experience accessible to anyone, and available in several languages, including: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.

“Virbela provides an all-in-one virtual venue with expo halls, auditoriums and social spaces to help organizations replicate the experience you get at an in-person event.” said President and Co-Founder of Virbela Alex Howland in a Jan. 26 statement. “We’re excited to partner with Laval Virtual World and Virtual Nautic to host a memorable and engaging event experience, that will give attendees an opportunity to explore, learn, and connect with others.”

Virtual Nautic attendees will be able to move from one booth to another with their avatars, use direct voice chats with exhibitors – connected from all over the world, use presentation tools, schedule appointments and look for a product, a service, or a destination.

More than a hundred brands have signed up to participate. The federation aims to make Virtual Nautic the largest virtual boat show ever organized with at least 200 exhibitors and a target audience of 25,000 to 30,000 visitors.

“It is not a replacement for physical boat shows.” said General Delegate of FIN Fabien Metayer in a Jan. 26 statement. “Although as most of them have been cancelled, the goal of this virtual event is to create a moment of meeting for the marine leisure community in this pandemic context, allowing professionals to meet their clients, and giving them the opportunity to open up to new clients, new commercial dynamics, without the geographical nor the budgetary constraints of a physical boat show.”

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