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Frenchman sets round-the-world sailing record: 49 days

PARIS, France (AP) ― A little more than 49 days is all Frenchman Thomas Coville needed to sail around the world alone, setting what French officials say is a new world record.

Coville sailed into the Brittany port of Brest on his Sodebo trimaran. He rejoined his family, weeping with joy, thanked his support crews and showered the seas with champagne.

His round-the-world journey, starting from an island in the English Channel, took 49 days, 3 hours, 7 minutes and 38 seconds, according to his website.

It was Coville’s third attempt to beat the previous record of 57 days held by Frenchman Francis Joyon since 2008. British sailor Ellen MacArthur had held the previous record of 71 days.

Joyon, in a statement, was among those congratulating Coville.

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