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Georgia, South Carolina pledge $1.29 million to develop port terminal on Savannah River

SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP)—Georgia and South Carolina are committing an additional $1.29 million toward developing a port terminal on the Savannah River that would be jointly operated by the neighboring states.

Port officials from each state approved the fiscal 2020 budget July 30. Most of the money will pay for a year of work on the environmental studies needed to earn a permit for the project in Jasper County, South Carolina. Other funding will go toward the design of the actual port terminal.

The states have been working for years on the joint port, saying it’s their best option for expansion once the rival seaports at Savannah and Charleston run out of space.

The project is expected to cost up to $5 billion. Officials want to open the port terminal’s first phase in 2035.

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