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Invasive Species Art Contest: Calling All Young Artists to Combat Environmental Threats

Invasive species pose a significant threat to ecosystems, economies and human health, but young artists have the power to raise awareness and inspire action. The “Species Reporters Wanted – What’s the Scoop on Invasives” art contest, open to students in grades 2-12, offers a creative platform to delve into the facts and shed light on the impact of invasive species.


These unwelcome invaders, whether plants, animals or microorganisms, disrupt native environments by establishing themselves, rapidly reproducing and spreading unchecked. To participate in the contest, students are encouraged to choose an invasive species and illustrate at least one aspect of its existence: where it resides, its environmental impact, affected stakeholders, reasons for eradication or methods to prevent its spread.


Artistic expression knows no bounds in this contest, with a variety of mediums including drawing, painting, collage and comic strips welcomed. Not only does this initiative foster creativity, but it also aligns with California curriculum standards in science, English language arts and visual art, offering an educational opportunity for young participants.


Submissions are due by May 3, providing plenty of time for students to channel their creativity and deliver compelling visual narratives. Winners will be announced during California Invasive Species Action Week, June 1-9, with winning artwork showcased on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s social media platforms.


To enter the contest or for more information on submission guidelines, interested participants can visit or email 

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