Jet Blade offers speed, agility on the water

There is a new watercraft prototype in the making that is sure to be a hit with water sport aficionados as a team at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, continues to work to design a device that will provide the user with “an unparalleled experience” on the water, according to Team 6.

The Jet Blade, a personal watercraft (PWC), incorporates a three-ski design that utilizes two skis in the front and one ski in the back of the aluminum hull. The craft works to operate to hydro dynamically lift the Jet Blade to a cruise position with an active tilting suspension system implemented in the front and the rear. 

The rear ski is attached to a horizontal jet pump powered by a 650cc engine. The front skis are designed to cut through waves offering riders a fast — yet smooth — riding experience. 

Unlike conventional watercraft relying on a directional water jet to steer, the Jet Blade is unique because the jet is fixed and is steered by turning the front skis. The tilt suspension system allows both skis to remain in constant contact with the water.

Another unique quality: the device is designed to be trailed, unloaded and loaded by one person. 

The Jet Blade team is searching for investors. For more information, visit


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