John Davey named 2015 State Harbor Master of the Year

The California Association of Harbor Masters and Port Captains, a 67-year old professional organization representing the state’s port, harbor and marina managers, named John Davey, Chief Wharfinger for the Port of San Francisco, 2015 state Harbor Master of the Year.  The prestigious award was presented at the association’s annual training conference in South Lake Tahoe on Oct. 21.

Since it opened a year ago, the James R. Herman Cruise Terminal at Pier 27 in San Francisco has accommodated 70 cruise ships and 300,000 cruise-ship guests. During that time, Davey helped streamline ship provisioning and passenger loading operations, resulting in significant cost savings to terminal management and the cruise lines, while enhancing cruise-ship guests’ San Francisco experience, according to a press release. 

Besides commissioning new projects and facilities along San Francisco’s waterfront Davey continues providing expert oversight to the port’s existing maritime industries. Under his management, commercial fishing continues to thrive at Fisherman’s Wharf and Hyde Street harbors, including recent refurbishment of over 300 feet of wharf space to accommodate large, San Francisco-based, commercial fishing boats. He has also played a major role in the ongoing transition of operating South Beach Harbor (700 berths and 15 employees)

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