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Lawn Love Ranks California as No. 20 in Best States for Fishing

Lawn Love released their best states for fishing ranking, and California fell into 20th place with an overall score of 29.15. The scoring considered community, access, affordability, and available supplies.


Lawn Love is a San Diego-based startup launched in the summer of 2014 that aims to add a layer of tech-enabled ease to finding, booking, and paying a landscaping or lawncare provider. 


As part of the celebration of National Hunting and Fishing Day on Sept. 24, the company released its own rankings based on community interest, access to gear and bait shops, license affordability, and proximity to water sources among 22 total metrics. 


To gather the information, Lawn Love worked with sources from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, and Bass Pro Shops, among other companies and state agencies. 


Florida took the No. 1 state for fishing with an overall score of 48.95. The state doles out more than 720,000 non-resident fishing licenses, tags, permits, and stamps — the most in the nation. And has plenty of shorelines, piers, and fishing guides. 


At the bottom of the rankings was the District of Columbia, which scored 51, with an overall score of 12.08. 


While looking for a good place for a fishing vacation D.C. is probably not your best option. However, a staycation here in sunny California or a trip to Florida may not go amiss. 


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