Legislative Update AB-817: 365-Day Electronic Fishing License

SACRAMENTO一 Assembly Bill 817, a bill that would put the California sportfishing license on a 365-day cycle and add an option for anglers to carry their licenses electronically, was amended and unanimously passed the Appropriations Committee with 16 votes on May 20.

The bill was introduced by Assemblymember Jim Wood on Feb. 17. The bill was a reiteration of a previous attempt to transition the fishing license from a calendar-based license that starts on the first of the year and ends on Dec. 31.

“AB 817 reintroduces language from AB 1387, legislation introduced in 2019, which received bipartisan support but was stalled due to the state’s necessary focus on the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Wood. “Because of the level of support the original bill received, I hope to move AB 817 expeditiously without detracting from our continued work to get to the other side of this pandemic.”

The bill states that starting on Jan. 1, 2023, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife will provide an option to display a sportfishing license, validation, report card, or other sport fishing entitlements on an electronic mobile device.

On the same date, the department will provide a consecutive 12-month license. On Dec. 1, 2028, the department will submit a report to the Legislature.

Now that the bill has been heard and passed by the Committee it will go back to the Assembly for a second reading.

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