Log editor earns spot at Institute for Journalism and Natural Resources’ Ocean Workshop

The workshop was limited to 25 journalist fellows and provided resources for The Log to expand coverage of ocean-related environmental issues and news.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA—Log Editor Parimal M. Rohit was accepted into the Institute for Journalism and Natural Resources’ Ocean + Climate Workshop, on behalf of The Log, as one of 25 journalist fellows. The information from the competitive workshop will be used as part of future reporting featured in The Log.

IJNR is one of the most recognized organizations in the environmental journalism space. Their mission is to promote public dialogue about natural resource issues through programs that inform, empower and inspire better journalism.

The workshop was held online Aug. 19 and 20. Workshops are usually held in the field but this one was held online due to Covid. Other outlets in attendance included The Los Angeles Times, Gothamist, Texas Observer, Atlas Obscura, Grist and PBS Frontline.

The two-day workshop featured experts from across the United States who discussed the relationship between climate and ocean; current impacts; and future possibilities. Specific topics covered included “What Climate Change Means For Our Ocean; The Solution to pollution is…?; blue carbon 101: A Low-Tech Weapon Against Climate Change; Environmental Injustice Along America’s Coasts; The Working Ocean; Energy, Shipping; and Tourism and Global Policymaking When No One’s in Charge.”

Future stories covered by The Log will delve into issues of what climate change means for our ocean and what it means for biological inhabitants of the ocean; the scale and diversity of the modern pollution problem, and what it means for animal, human, community and ecosystem health; and how people are trying to keep a balance among often incompatible interests of human industry on the working ocean including tourism, shipping and energy.

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