Man takes 44-pound catch out for a beer

ROTTNEST ISLAND, Australia—A 44-pound fish turned out to be a cheap date for an Australian man who slung the catch over his shoulder as he stopped for a beer at a bar after reeling in the fish near Rottnest Island, off the coast of Perth, Australia.

According to an article published by the UK-based Daily Mail, Peter Riley hauled in the huge 44-pound yellowtail amberjack on Jan. 11. According to a local TV news station, 10 Daily, it took Riley and two others 30 minutes to reel the fish in.

Riley told 10 Daily he was headed back to his room with the catch tossed over his shoulder when he was feeling thirsty and decided to stop at Rottnest Hotel. He went up to the bar, fish still draped over his shoulder, and ordered a beer.

The humorous and strange moment of Riley standing at the bar with the fish and fishing rod waiting for his beer was shared on social media by Midway Marine. Several bemused patrons also snapped photos. According to Daily Mail, Riley got part way through his beer before the bouncers said he couldn’t be sitting around among other drinkers with a fish.

Daily Mail reports he went on to cook the monster fish that evening and shared it with 40 travelers on holiday.

According to Daily Mail, Rottnest Island is a popular holiday destination for West Australians as it is just a short boat ride from Perth and great spot for fishing and snorkeling.

According to, the location is a very popular site for recreational fishing due to the abundance marine wildlife, although many anglers probably don’t show up to a bar with their catches. The site said migratory fish species found around Rottnest include Australian Herring, Tailor, School Whiting, Skipjack Trevally and Sea Garfish.

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