Massachusetts anglers catch 700-pound tuna, nearly sinking small boat

CAPE COD, Massachusetts—A video making rounds online curtesy of ViralHog, shows the challenges of reeling in a 700-pound bluefin tuna into a small boat. An angler captured video of three other anglers attempting to get a 700-pound tuna into their 21-foot 1979 Mako 21 off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

The video, which features some colorful language, posted on ViralHog in mid-October shows the weight of the fish and three anglers on one side tipping the boat precariously close to the water’s edge. The boat was inches from taking on water. Someone on the filming boat can be heard cheering them on.

The anglers ultimately succeeded in bringing the fish aboard by tying the front end of the tuna to the center console and then pulling the fish into the bow with a rope tied to its tail. Once the fish came over the side, the boat returned to its proper upright position.

The video can be viewed at



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