Mustang MD2010/MD2012 Inflatable PFDs Recalled

Byline: The Log Staff

Mustang MD2010/MD2012 Inflatable PFDs Recalled

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Coast Guard has issued a recall notice on certain 2011 Mustang Survival MD2010 and MD2012 Model 22LB inflatable personal flotation devices, informing boaters of a voluntary recall by the manufacturer because of an “inflator installation inconsistency that may prevent some units from fully inflating with CO2 (oral inflation functions normally).”

Boaters are strongly urged to check these models. Any product with a white sewn-on safety label on the back is OK and is not subject to the recall.

If the PFD does not have a white sewn-on safety label, check for the recall model numbers. MD2010 and MD2012 models with an “MIT” stamp above the CO2 cylinder are OK and are not subject to the recall. However, if boaters have either of these models without an MIT (Membrane Inflatable Technology) stamp, the PFD should be returned to Mustang Survival for factory inspection and repair.

PFD owners are asked to call Mustang Survival’s Customer Service Department at (800) 526-0532 between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. for specific shipping instructions. PFDs should not be returned to dealers.

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