Navatek II on the verge of going ‘extinct?’

HONOLULU—A boat briefly featured in the first few seconds of ‘Jurassic Park 2’ could be seeing its last days on the water, as the toll of mounting costs and gross neglect is becoming to great for anyone to bear.

Navatek II, a cruise yacht docked in Hawai’i, was recently impounded, according to Hawai’i News Now; the boat’s owner, according to the report, did not keep up with rent payments. The boat was last docked at Honolulu’s Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor, reportedly in disrepair.

Hawai’i News Now reported the boat was impounded “because its mainland owners owe $16,000 in mooring fees.”

The publication also reported Navatek II was featured in several Hollywood films – though none are listed in the article. The Log’s research revealed Navatek II was certainly featured in the opening sequence of ‘Jurassic Park 2,’ as the camera pans across the harbor and onto a beach, where a wealthy family is enjoying the surrounding environs.

It’s unclear what other films Navatek II was featured in, but she certainly made a name for herself with a handful of technological advances (at the time she was christened) and for serving as brunch/sunset dinner cruise vessel.

Navatek built the now impounded vessel in 1989; Hawai’i News Now reported the company sold Navatek II more than 10 years ago. She was equipped with SWATH technology, a twin hull advancement allowing a boat to experience minimal affected by wave energy.

“It’s been largely out of commission since then and requires millions of dollars in repairs,” the article continued.

Royal Hawaiian Cruises reportedly used the boat in Maui and Kauai.

Navatek II is an all-aluminum boat and was reportedly built in Hawai’i in 1993; it stretched 85 feet in length and could hold 149 passengers.

Who knows what will become of Navatek II, now that she is impounded (and, as noted above, requires millions of dollars worth of repairs).


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