New Kids On The Block: Cyprus International Sailing Club

LIMASSOL, Cyprus—The second largest urban area in one of the world’s smallest countries happens to be home to one of Earth’s youngest yacht clubs. A TGI Fridays at Limassol Marina in Cyprus serves as the home base for Cyprus International Sailing Club, which was established during the final days of 2017.

The club, barely one year into existence, already has more than 80 members, many of whom have participated in sailing competitions such as the Aegean Regatta, Cyprus Championships, Cyprus-Israel Race, Rolex Cup and Rolex Giraglia. Cyprus International Sailing Club also hosted the Cyprus European Sailing Championships ORC 2018.

One of the club’s draws is its year-round warm weather. The water temperature at the club averages about 62 degrees during winter months, making Cyprus International Sailing Club an ideal destination for boats or yachts otherwise bound by cold weather.

“Cyprus is almost the only European country where the comfortable sailing season does not stop, even in winter,” the club’s website states.

A one-year, all-inclusive membership at Cyprus International Sailing Club will cost you 890 Euros (or 74 Euros per month) – the equivalent of $1,003 (annually) at current conversion rates. The club also offers subscription sailing memberships and weekend attendance rates.

Limassol, itself, dates back to the year 1191, when Byzantine rule of Cyprus came to an end and the reign of the British would begin. Bishops found a home in Limassol from 1192 to the 1500s, when the Turks came in and occupied Cyprus. Turkish occupation of the island country left much for wanting in Limassol, as the city’s infrastructure and overall status declined. The city’s fortunes took a positive turn in the 1800s, when new schools were built in Limassol.

Modernization of Limassol came in the 1970s, as the city slowly developed into a tourist destination. Limassol’s marina – one of those tourist destinations – is home to 660 recreational boats, taverns, shopping malls and, yes, a TGI Fridays.

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