Port of Los Angeles approves permit for Leeward Bay Marina’s continued use

What Happened: The Port of Los Angeles’s Board of Harbor Commissioners approved a permit with Leeward Bay Marina, allowing the waterfront venue to continue its use of berth space in Wilmington.

The approved permit was retroactively put into effect, running from Nov. 1, 2015 to Oct. 31, 2025.

Leeward Bay Marina, through the permit, is granted permission to construction, operation and maintenance activity of its waterfront space, which is primarily used for berthing of recreational vessels.

The marina’s annual rent payments to the Port of Los Angeles will be $77,983, according to port staff – less than the $111,192 annual rent payments originally projected.

Leeward Bay Marina has been a Port of Los Angeles tenant since 1982.


What’s On Tap: The Wilmington marina will move forward on its new permit through October 2025.

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